The Public Speaking Class

Located within your office or conference room for comfort and convenience, this is intended to be a four hour instructional program. Available on an individual or group basis, this course will identify difficulties with presentational skills in various environments (negotiations, presentations, trials before a judge, and trials before judge and jury). We shall discuss and practice various ways to prepare for these events, implement these techniques, and utilize these applications.
  1. In the first hour of class we will discuss the concerns that are most often voiced by people preparing public presentations, as well as discuss those difficulties that each individual considers to be unique to his/her experience. These can range from "stage fright" and general nervousness, to concerns about vocal and physical presentation. We shall also explore our observations about dealing with and confronting other people's styles in presenting opposing points of view.
  2. Hour two will be a discussion and demonstration of the various techniques in relaxation, concentration and focus that were developed by Lee Strasberg to correct the first set of difficulties. There will also be a demonstration of exercises that will correct the participants' concerns about vocal and physical difficulties.
  3. We really get into it in hour three, with those who are taking this class getting to their feet and practicing, under guidance, all the techniques covered earlier. During this time, each person will learn how to personally prepare for public speaking.
  4. During the fourth and final hour each person shall have an opportunity to put into effect in mock presentations all that was covered earlier. These will be start and stop efforts in which I shall interrupt and refocus each person as necessary.
As is always the case with this type of instruction, the above description is intended only as a guideline. The timeline of any given section can be altered to fit the needs of the participants.

Fees available upon request