The Acting Class

Update: I will be participating as an Acting Coach at the Metodi Festival ; visit the conference website to apply. In 1976 I was asked by Lee Strasberg to teach his work at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. I joined the ranks of approximately fifteen people who had been so honored.

To my knowledge, I was the only one who accepted with the provision that Mr. Strasberg would teach me how to teach his work. He asked me "why", stating that he would not have offered me the position if he didn't think me knowledgeable. I told him that I knew his work to do it, not to teach it. I responded with one of his own metaphors; "you don't have to know how to fix a car in order to drive it. That's the mechanics job". Now he wanted me to be an actor's mechanic.

He agreed, and from 1976 until his passing in 1982 Lee Strasberg tutored me in the teaching of his work.

Classes meet once a week for four hours. There is both a daytime and an evening class.

The classes are divided into two parts. The first part is technical training in which we train and strengthen the actors' craft using the various exercises developed by Konstantin Stanislavski and furthered by Lee Strasberg. These include relaxation, sensory memory, private moment, affective memory, animal exercises, and "song and dance" exercise.

In the second part of class we learn how to apply these techniques within scene work. The emphasis here is not on directing a successful scene, but on accomplishing the use of ourselves personally during a scene.

In the beginning this is not the same as "scene study", but as an actor progresses in the technical application of exercises, this rapidly becomes both scene study and script interpretation.

Class is ongoing. Actors may join at any time during the year, and remain as long as they are still progressing.

Fees are $200.00 per month on an ongoing basis.

Private coaching for upcoming auditions or performances is available upon request.

Formers Students include: Alec Baldwin, Karen Allen, Bridget Fonda, Ed Norton, Connie Nielsen, Adam Sandler, John Leguizamo, Jesse Martin, Kathryn Erbe, and Michael Imperioli